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Fáilte - Welcome to the new school year 2016/17

We welcome you to the Abbey National School. This website aims to link our school with parents, the local community, other schools and the wider world. We hope that we provide you with the information you seek about our school and that you enjoy viewing the rich and varied experiences provided for our pupils on a daily and weekly basis.  

The Abbey N.S is a large boys’ school nestled amid a myriad of historical sites in Roscommon town. A strong pride of place is instilled in our pupils as an integral part of our delivery of the primary curriculum. Sport – Gaelic, Soccer, Hurling, Spikeball and Athletics - the Arts, Green Schools initiatives, Science, Walking Tours of historical sites, Arts Festivals and educational tours, far and near, serve to enrich our pupils’ educational experience.

See what's happening in the Abbey NS......

Engineers Week 2017 at Abbey National School

Engineers Week was a great success again this year with 12 investigation stations set up in our GP room.  There was a great buzz of excitement as each class entered the GP room.   We focus on providing the boys with a hands-on, investigative approach.  Our stations had a wide variety of challenges and experiments e.g. building challenges,  Lego construction, Light,  Sound, experimenting with slopes and pulleys, renewable and non-renewable energies, hand-eye co-ordination, the heart and lungs, fingerprint challenge and balance.  The boys worked in pairs and moved from station to station, under the guidance of Ms. Mannion's 5th/6th class to complete the experiments/challenges.  

RDS Primary Science Fair 2017

The boys in Ms. Mannion's 5th/6th entered this year's RDS Primary Science Fair and headed to Mary Immaculate College, Limerick to display their experiment on January 20th 2017.  The RDS Primary Science Fair is a non-competitive event where primary school children get the opportunity to answer a scientific question.  Our entry, "How have Smart Devices changed Family home life and Entertainment choices?"  involved all pupils carrying out an investigation and presenting their findings.  The aim of our investigation was to find out how much time pupils from 4th-6th class spend using smart technologies and how important smart technologies are to this age group.  The survey was distributed to several schools in Roscommon and Galway and both boys and girls were surveyed.  All the survey results had to be collated and then plotted onto MS Excel to produce graphs and charts.  They also created Power Point and Powtoon presentations of their findings.   The research showed that quite a considerable percentage of those surveyed use smart devices when they should be sleeping and also that 91% prefer using the internet rather than watching television. The judges were very impressed with the experiment and the group was presented with an RDS Primary Science trophy and certificates.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed the RDS Primary Science Fair and showed great enthusiasm presenting their experiment to all those attending.  

Well done were fantastic!   

A BIG THANK YOU to all the schools who took part in the survey. 


The Great Abbey Bake Off!

On Friday 7th October we made a rhubarb crumble in school.

First of all we went out to our school garden and cut 6 stalks of rhubarb. We cut these up and stewed them for 10 minutes. Ms Beirne helped us by minding the rhubarb while it was stewing. We them made the crumble by mixing the flour, porridge oats, brown sugar and butter.

We put the rhubarb mixture into the pie dish and poured the crumble on top. We then put the dish in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

The crumble took 30 minutes to cook.

We allowed the crumble to cool down and we ate it with ice-cream. It was yummy!!!! Thanks to Ms McCarrick for helping us to make our rhubarb crumble!

Abbey NS School Garden

On Thursday last, 16th September, the Abbey National School was a hive of activity as the boys were very busy digging vegetables out of their school garden. The boys had sown the vegetable seed earlier this year in March and April. They maintained the garden before the school holidays in June and they were thrilled, on their return at the end of August, to see that their efforts were rewarded with an excellent crop of vegetables.

Earlier this year the boys were delighted to receive a generous grant from the Environment Department of Roscommon County Council and they wisely invested in a raised bed, garden tools and an environmentally-friendly water harvester. The team at Ardcarne Garden Centre helped to build the raised bed and to plumb the water butt. Paul King gave a fine load of top soil for the raised bed and having dug in organic compost the area was subdivided into quarters - and sowing began. The turnips thrived best and gave a fantastic crop. There were also some beetroots, onions and carrots of all shapes and sizes. The fifth and sixth class from Ms Mannion’s room got a hands-on lesson in history, as two of the potato plants had suffered blight during the summer and the boys were able to see the devastation that this disease can cause, and they could then relate to the suffering of the people when the complete potato harvest failed, due to blight, in the Famine years of the 1840s-1850s.

The climbing beans had grown so tall they had climbed right up the weather recording station.

Strawberries, blackcurrants and rhubarb were also successfully grown.

The ground is now fallow but the plans are already forming as to what next year’s garden project will be. Bernadine Duignan and Sarah Scott of Roscommon County Council have been a great support to the School Garden and the boys are hopeful of taking advantage of the Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership 2016/17 Scheme to keep the green fingers active right through next year. 

A huge thank you to Ms McCarrick, and her band of helpers, for all the hard work they put into sowing and maintaining our school garden.

Science Foundation Ireland
Discover Science and Maths  
Plaque of STEM Excellence Award 2016

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!  Once again, the Abbey National School has achieved a Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and Maths Plaque of STEM Excellence for the 2015/16 academic year.  

To achieve the plaque of STEM Excellence, our school had to participate in a wide variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths activities throughout the school year.  To begin with, we held a Science and Maths circuit in our GP room in October and all pupils from all classes took part in the experiments and activities.  Pupils from Scoil Mhuire attended our Science and Maths circuit on the second day.  We invited our parents to visit the classrooms to talk about Science, Maths and Engineering.  We also took part in Engineers Week in February, where pupils took part in Engineering Workshops  e.g. Lego Supply Chain - Intel Ireland.  Various classes took part in Scratch Programming and Power Point workshops.  2nd and 3rd class attended the Animal Magic show during Science Week.  Some of our senior pupils took part in the CBS Science Fair 2015 and two of our pupils received an award for their project based on Hand Eye Co-ordination.  We are also developing a biodiversity school garden to create awareness of the importance of biodiversity to our environment.  All of our classes took part in age appropriate Maths Trails around our school grounds.  Senior pupils took part in our Design and Construction Projects 2016.  Have a look at our photo gallery to see some of the wonderful projects the boys designed.  All of our efforts were put together in Digital Log format, together with video and photographic evidence and submitted to SFI.  Well done boys and keep up the good work!!!!!


Well done to Ben Johnson (6th class) & Ben Mahon (5th class) who received a Highly Commended Award at the Scifest held in CBS Roscommon on 12/11/2015. They received the Award for their project entitled 'Hand/Eye Co-ordination'. Congratulations also to all the other boys who took part in the competition. You did yourselves and your school proud.


Science & Maths Week at the Abbey N.S., yet again, blended childhood curiosity, teachers’ expertise and parental support, interest and involvement to form an unforgettable experience for our young achievers of tomorrow.

Annual recipients of the ‘Discover Primary Science& Maths’ Award of Excellence, under the guidance of Sixth Class teachers, Ms Joan Mannion and Ms Nicola Gately, the pupils of the Abbey NS were treated to days of experimentation and fun, arranged in circuit style in the school’s GP Room.We also took part in Maths Trails around the school grounds. Parents hosted workshops on an array of topics chosen against the background of their own work and life’s experience. A huge thank you to all of those parents who took time out of their busy schedules to come into the school to speak to us. 

Photos from Maths & Science Week......See our Photo Gallery

-5th & 6th class trip to the National Concert Hall

On 3/11/2015, 5th and 6th classes, along with their teachers, enjoyed a trip to the National Concert Hall in Dublin. We thoroughly enjoyed 'Musical Adventures' with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra.  The Orchestra and leading music animateur, presenter and broadcaster Tom Redmond presented a rich array of orchestral favourites including excerpts from Stravinsky’s Firebird, Grieg’s Peer Gynt, Ravel’s Mother Goose, Rossini’s William Tell Overture, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and John Williams’ Star Wars. It was a great experience.


Sincerest thanks to all for attending, helping out, sponsoring and supporting our 5km Run/Walk and Family Fun Day yesterday, June 7th. The sun shone and  fantastic day was had by all, young and old!