Abbey N.S.


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Our School

Our school is a boys school which caters for children in 2nd class upwards.  Our Staff includes:

  • Administrative Principal
  • 7 Class teachers
  • 3 Resource teachers
  • 1 Learning Support
  •  2 SNAs

Our school was officially opened in October, 1987.  It was originally ran by the Christian Brothers until 1985.  The schools stands on 3.8 acres.  Our expansive play areas comprise green field pitches, a basketball court and a colourfully designed yard.

The building has seven modern, well equipped classrooms, a library, a state of the art General Purpose room which is also fully equipped as a gymnasium/computer room, a Principal's office and Staff room. 

Mission Statement

Staff at the Abbey N.S. strive to provide a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure atmosphere, where each child is encouraged to reach his full potential – intellectually, spiritually, physically, morally and culturally, while recognising the individuality of each child. 

We endeavour to enhance self-esteem, respect and a sense of responsibility, and promote gender equity amongst teachers and pupils.  We are fully committed to offering excellence in education by:

  • Promoting the highest possible achievement for our pupils;
  • Encouraging children to grow within the Christian faith;
  • Establishing the foundations for lifelong learning;
  • Welcoming input from parents to complement the skills and experience of our professional teaching staff;
  • Ensuring that our school is central to the parish, reaching out to embrace the wider community;
  • Uniting all staff, parents and B.O.M. in our aims.


Our aim is that all children should leave Abbey N.S. with the basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy, an enthusiasm for learning, a thirst for knowledge, an appreciation of their religion and the world they live in and, above all many happy memories.

School Ethos

We believe that a happy child is a learning child and we commit ourselves to making learning as enjoyable as possible with a motto 'Learning for Discipline' our main driving force. We attach great importance to a strong sense of community within the school and the existence of a high level of co-operation among teachers, pupils, parents, Parents' Association and the Board of Management. Students are given every possible opportunity to develop patterns of good behaviour thereby ensuring that the individuality of each child is accommodated while at the same time acknowledging the right of each child to education in a relatively disruption free environment.

Discipline for Learning Rules of the School

The legislative basis for the system of education

The legislative basis for the present system of education remains, as follows:

  • The Education Act 1998
  • The Education (Welfare) Act 2000 (Section 9 refers to establishment of NEWB)
  • European Convention on Human Rights & European Convention on Human Rights Bill (2001)
  • The Teaching Council Act 2001
  • Freedom of Information Act 1997
  • Child Care Act 1991